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Keyword tools are critical to your success in Internet marketing. Keywords are what you build your websites, blogs and advertising around. Keyword tools are used to identify what words people are using when searching for something on the Internet. There are free keyword tools available. Google and Yahoo both have keyword tools that are free and are probably the most popular. Most other PPC search engines have some form of free keyword tools. These keyword tools allow you to glean general information on keywords. Free keyword tools also are limited in the scope of their responses, on what types of research and reports you can generate.

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Why You Need Keyword Tools?

Here is a general example of how keyword tools can be used to your advantage. Pretend you have a bass fishing guide service. You could build your site around the term — fishing guide and compete with 14,400,000 other responses. Using keyword tools you can find that people are searching for bass fishing guide and have to compete with 1,390,00 other responses. Keyword tools tell us people are also searching for Texas bass fishing guide and you will need to compete with 1,150,000 responses. As you can see, using keyword tools to identify other specific relevant keyword searches allows you to optimize your website around relevant specific terms and have less competition.

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Keyword tools allow you to build websites right the first time. Keyword tools save you money. Keyword tools save you time.

When people are ready to buy online they usually search with very specific terms. This is where keyword tools also benefit. Like in our example, wouldn’t it be nice to know that when people are ready to buy bass fishing services they search for “certified Texas bass fishing guide”. Keyword tools can help you identify and target these keyword search phrases and spend you money where you have a greater chance of making a sale.

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Free Keyword Tools vs. Paid Keyword Tools

As mentioned earlier free keyword tools are useful keyword tools but are limited in their capabilities. These free keyword tools are designed to be used by many people so by necessity the keyword tools cannot provide a lot of in depth reports. Paid keyword tools can provide more detailed searches, reports and in depth research. One of the most popular keyword tools that is not part of a search engine is WordTracker. WordTracker has a free and paid version.

Keyword Tools and SEO

When optimizing websites and web pages you use keyword tools to help identify the top two or three keywords related to your site or page. You then use what you learn from the keyword tools to get keyword density in your content and add meta tags. You can learn more about Search Engine Optimization on our SEO page. Without using keyword tools all your efforts to achieve high rankings will probably be in vain.>>>Explore free keywords here<<<

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Use the HyperSuggest modules
for your company.

We have listed all HyperSuggest modules here.

Google Search

You will receive the most relevant Autocomplete suggestions from Google for your keyword.

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In just a few seconds, you can find out up to 700 keywords per query including their exact search volume for your selected country.


Get up to over 1,000 questions on a topic of your choice in seconds.

Understand the needs of your visitors and customers and create valuable content that really moves your target audience.

Google Images

Google Image Search can be a very good traffic channel if you provide the right images for your target audience.

Use our image search module to find out which images your target group is looking for and produce high-quality images that fit your needs.

Would you like to know which products or product variants Amazon’s customers are interested in?

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Our Amazon module helps your FBA business to sell the products at Amazon that are really in demand by your target group.


Also our eBay module offers the possibility of product research. Recognize product trends or product variants, which are searched by your customers.

Through our LIVE queries, you can also react to trends and short-term demands and always stay up to date.

Google Shopping

Would you like to know which products and variants are in demand on Google Shopping in your segment?

Then use the shopping module of HyperSuggest and get valuable insights about the search phrases of your customers.


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A production of a YouTube video can be very complex and expensive. That’s why it’s important to focus your company’s resources on the right video themes.

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Use the YouTube module to find the video themes that interest your target audience.


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The right hashtags are essential for targeting Instagram posts. With our Instagram module you can find all relevant hashtags for your next business post.

We’ll also show you the media account for the results. This shows you how many posts are already marked with a certain hashtag.

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Google News

Through our LIVE queries it is possible for us to display the current news autocompletes.

This allows you to research current topics and process more details in your news articles.

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